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We are awarded the EU Open Innovation grant Random Power: In-silico quantum generation of random bit streams

Event date: 1 May 2022

IMASENIC is proud to be designing the ASICs for this innovative European project, which promises a breakthrough in quantum random number generation. The project is led by a RaP!, an Italian start-up, and it includes other European partners. Read more here.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovative programme under grant agreement No. 101004462

irene ganesha

IMASENIC founds the Spanish Association of the semiconductor Industry.

Together with three other Spanish semiconductor companies, IMASENIC found the Spanish Association of the Semiconductor Industry, or Asociación Española de la Industria de los Semiconductores, AESEMI (link to The association is working to promote the whole ecosystem of semiconductor industry in Spain and beyond.

irene ganesha