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Custom development

Services & Designs

Our custom developments help our customers to differentiate their products in their markets and stand out as world leaders. We can achieve this thanks to our experienced and inventive team. We will work for and with you from your initial concepts to the volume production.


We can start from a basic idea or from detailed requirements or anything in between. We will work with you to generate detailed specifications that will guide the whole development process. We use state-of-art design tools and techniques for the design of the CMOS. We will select the optimum CMOS technology for your product. Once the prototype is manufactured, we will take care of packaging it and characterising it. When we get your green light, we move it to production and manage it at the selected foundry. When needed, we will develop the camera that will host your leading-edge image sensor.

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We have decades of cumulated experience in developing innovative image sensors. Our knowledge of the imaging technology is thorough. Our teams have developed silicon for active as well as hyperactive sensors, detecting visible or invisible light, being fast or ultra-fast. Check out our technology page for an explanation on the technology or simply follow the link here below to have a glance at some of our designs. The list is not exhaustive, so if you have an idea for a sensor different from what you see there, please come and talk to us. We are confident we will be able to help you.

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