Understanding and developing your specifications

Custom CMOS Design

Preparing for manufacturing

From the initial specifications, IMASENIC work with the customer to refine them and align them to the technology options. We will select the optimum CMOS technology for your project. We will develop the most suitable architecture to match, and often exceed, your specifications.
IMASENIC uses industry standard tools to design their sensors, following well established practice. Starting from the schematic capture, the design is thoroughly simulated, including technology and environmental variations. The layout is then prepared and  simulated in the same way the schematic was, but this time with parasitic effects from internal routing added. Layouts are verified using foundry-provided design rule checks (DRC) and compared to the schematic to confirm their matching (Layout vs Schematic, LVS).
Once the design is completed and fully verified, we take care of preparing the files that will be used by the foundry, most of the cases written in the industry-standard GDSII format. IMASENIC work with the foundry to make sure the manufacturing tools, mask set, will be correctly generated from the design files.

Full Custom Design

IMASENIC follow industry-wide best practice methodology, supported by state-of-art Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools. This allows us to bring innovative products to market at the right time, while reducing risks and development costs.