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IMAge SENsors IC


High- and ultra high-speed CMOS Image Sensors

Conventional CMOS Image sensors have been increasing their speed over the years, but they are now plateauing around 20 Gpixel per second. This pixel rate corresponds to a megapixel sensors acquiring images at 20,000 fps (frames per second).
Other architectures are used to achieve higher speed. Burst mode CMOS sensors can record a reasonably high number of frames at pixel rate in excess of a few Tpixel/sec. This corresponds to a few millions of frames per second at megapixel resolution! See IMASENIC paper for more details.
In Time Pixel Sensors (TPM) pixels are arranged in groups to produce a high-speed movie, in a sort of temporal RGB coding. In time-stamping sensors, single photon or single shot detection is achieved with time resolutions that can be significantly better than 1 ns when Single Photon Avalanche Diode (SPAD) are used.
IMASENIC has experience with all of these architectures and is supporting customers for their fastest applications.
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