What you need,
when you need it

Your dedicated team at IMASENIC
will provide full support for your full custom

  • Specifications. We will work with you to refine your initial specifications to make it into a full product specification.

  • Design. Using state-of-art Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools, IMASENIC will design your custom CIS to the specifications you need.

  • Manufacturing. IMASENIC has a wide experience of working with the most renowned foundries in the world. It will take care of the manufacturing of your prototype as well as of the production. IMASENIC has the policy to present foundry cost in a clear and transparent way.

  • Silicon sampling. We will take care of the characterisation of your silicon samples, using industry-standard techniques.

  • Production. IMASENIC will interact with the foundry, taking care of the production. It will work with the foundry to get the best product with the highest possible yield. It will take care of wafer-level testing and the analysis of these tests.

  • Packaging. IMASENIC will work with you to define the package, designing it and delivering it to you with your full custom, advanced CIS inside

  • Consultancy. Sometimes, especially in the early phase of a product development, companies need support to develop their concepts. Whether the imager they need is a full customer design or an off-the-shelf components, IMASENIC can help you making the decisions which is the best for your business.

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