Imaging in biology

In the last decades biology has had an increasing impact on our society. The best known example for this is probably all the science and industry surrounding genetics. Imaging has a primary role in much progress in the field. IMASENIC has decades of experience in the field. Its IP portfolio allow to detect images not only with the different types of light, but also with electrons. Our experience is at the base of moderne transmission electron microscopes (TEM), a field of growing importance as it is witnessed by the Nobel prize for chemistry in 2017. Detectors were instrumental to achieve atomic resolution in 2013 and IMASENIC founders designed the first CMOS image sensor optimised for TEM. 
IMASENIC is now developing high-speed CMOS image sensors for the DeCEMIS project. Read more about this innovative project here.


Continuous innovation

IMASENIC is driven by innovation, supported by its continuously growing portfolio of IP. Our innovation is pushing the performance of CMOS image sensors.