Renato Turchetta, CEO

Adria Bofill, CTO

Renato Turchetta, PhD, is the Chief Executive Officer. He has a wide experience in advanced CMOS Image Sensors, coming from his years at the STFC-Rutherford Laboratory in the UK. He has previously brought to market innovative image sensors, like the first 16Mpixel, rad-hard CIS for direct detection of electrons or a global-shutter 5Mfps, Megapixel CIS. He was the founder inventor and exec director of vivaMOS, a UK startup focusing on large-area CIS for X-ray digital imaging.

Adria Bofill, PhD, is the Chief Technology Officer. He has a wide experience in analog/mixed-signal CMOS design. After his Ph.D. he joined Analog Devices. Later, he moved to Gigle Semiconductors as a senior engineer, before becoming engineering manager at Broadcom. There he led teams and projects from specifications to customer sampling for communications/portable products for world-leading consumer-electronics companies.

The management team

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