Low noise readout


Analog-to-digital converters (ADC)

Digital interface

Power management

In many applications, achieving low noise is of paramount importance. At IMASENIC we have an in-depth knowledge of the parameters that affect noise performance so that we can achieve the optimum trade-off between the noise requirements and other performance.
The world  around us is analog but our society is digital. ADCs are the crucial component making the link. We have experience with many different architectures and this allows us to select the optimum component for a given application.
We integrate fully digital interfaces that communicate with the camera over a digital link to simplify system level integration. On-chip control will reduce the cost and development time for the readout circuit, thus cutting the time-to-market for your next product.
High-performance image sensors require a variety of voltages and currents, including different power supplies. The generation is done on-chip and the control is through the digital interface, making easy to integrate the sensor in a complete system.

Mixed-mode IC design

IMASENIC has experience in developing a wide range of architectures, to achieve the hgihest performance and reduce the system integration cost.