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  • CMOS Image Sensors for bio-medical, industrial and scientific applications: current challenges and perspectives, at Image Sensor America 2019, October 2019, San José, USA, slides
  • Course on Smart CMOS Image Sensors, at the Workshop on the Architecture of Smart Cameras (WASC), June 2018, Coimbra, Portugal, slides
  • CMOS Image Sensor Technology for X-ray detection, invited talk at the 20th International Workshop on Radiation Imaging Detectors (iWoRiD), June 2018, Sundsvall, Sweden , slides
  • Custom CMOS image sensors, invited talk at the European Imaging & Sensors Summit, September 2017, Grenoble, France​
  • Towards Gfps CMOS image sensors, invited talk at the Workshop on Architecture of Smart Cameras, June 2017, Cordoba, Spain, slides
  • CMOS Image Sensors for Medical Imaging, invited talk at Image Sensor Europe, March 2017, London, UK, slides
  • How CMOS can be further leveraged to advance medical imaging, invited talk at MediSens Conference, December 2016, London, UK, video

Presentations and videos

Here are some of the presentations given by IMASENIC



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