From wafer to die

Volume production

Package design

Camera integration

IMASENIC have in-house instruments to perform the full characterisation of ​sensors according to industry standards. Electro-optical parameters will be extracted from the silicon evaluation.
CMOS silicon wafers, up to 300 mm in diameter, are delivered from the foundry. Working with selected partners in the world, IMASENIC will take care of the dicing of the dies. If needed the dies will be thinned, including down to a level when silicon starts to be flexible.​ We develop custom packages, that we design in house or at our partners. 
Once the prototyping phase completed, IMASENIC will manage the volume production at the foundry. We will monitor the timely delivery of the wafers and proceed with the electrical wafer sorting, to identify the main sources of sensor blemishes and act upon with a yield enhancement program. IMASENIC has a wide experience of designing for high yield, including very large dies up to a full wafer size.
IMASENIC can design Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) and packages in-house. Manufacturing will be subcontracted to selected, high-quality partners.
Depending on the customer request, IMASENIC can manage the camera module development with its partners and in selected cases can also take in-house responsibility for the development of the full camera.

From silicon to a camera

IMASENIC work with their customers to make sure its CMOS Image Sensor becomes the next successful product, fully integrated in a camera