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CMOS Image Sensor technology


Full-frame, low-noise, high- dynamic range image sensors

IMA300 is a family of low-noise, high dynamic range sensor with a pixel pitch of 8 μm. The sensors are:

  • IMA302 Full-frame format: 11.9 Megapixels at 30 fps
  • IMA304 Medium format: 69.5 Megapixels at 12 fps

The common characteristics are:

  • Noise: 1.5 e- rms
  • FW ≥ 65k
  • DR ≥ 92.7dB
  • 12-bit column parallel ADC
  • Rolling and global shutter
  • Rolling readout with global reset
  • Back-Side Illuminated
  • Microlenses
  • Back-Side Illuminated. Two options:
    • QE > 90%invisible
    • DUV-optimized
  • Colour filters available on request

The evaluation kit Evalima is available for the IMA300 family.

The kit includes hardware, firmware and software to control the sensor.


High-speed wafer-scale sensor

IMASENIC presents the Sagara family, the new paradigm in high- speed, large area sensors.

The first member of the family is the wafer-scale Sagara1212.

It is a 4Mpixel CMOS image sensors with an active area of 119 mm x 119 mm.

The sensor is radiation-hard. The sensor has column-parallel ADCs with adjustable bit-depth, from 6 to 10 bits.

The proprietary sensor architecture allows achieving unprecedented image rates. With full frame resolution, the sensor runs at 5200 frames per second (fps) at 8-bit resolution and 3300 fps at 10-bit resolution. This makes Sagara1212 the fastest wafer-scale CMOS image sensor.

IMASENIC also offers the corresponding Evalima evaluation kit, complete with the high-speed readout electronics to ease the camera development. The readout electronics connect to a host computer with optical ethernet links.