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Back side illumination

Detecting X-rays




Charged particles

High speed design

Back-side illumination is effective in increasing the fill factor of a pixel in visible light applications. For shorter wavelength, back-side illumination becomes a must in order to allow for detection of very shallow penetrating radiation.
X-rays are not easy to bend and focus, like normal optics can do with visible light. Thus sensors with very large areas are developed for the detection of X-rays. IMASENIC has a long-standing expertise in developing wafer-scale sensors, achieving state-of-art performance while keeping the yield high.
One of IMASENIC founders first proposed the use of CMOS image sensors for the detection of charged particles. Since 2013 these sensors are revolutionising the field of electron microscopy, as mentioned in the 2017 Nobel prize for chemistry official press release
IMASENIC have a thorough knowledge of the high- and ultra high-speed sensor market. See our market survey here.

Visible light ... 

Detecting light efficiently, up to single photon counting, is the main driver for CMOS Image sensor developments
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