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Custom CMOS image sensors

IMASENIC has decades of experience in designing and manufacturing state-of-art CMOS image sensors, helping customers all around the world to bring their next products to the market

State-of-art Custom CMOS Image Sensors

Our mission is to develop innovative CMOS image sensor products, taking your next product to a market-leader position in a cost-effective manner. With decades of experience in the imaging arena, our team will design a sensor with performance exceeding your expectations.
Founded in 2017, we have already developed products for:
  • Consumer applications
  • Medical and bio-medical imaging
  • Space and earth-observation
  • Aeronautics
  • Industrial
Our image sensors feature:
  • Rolling and global shutter
  • Low noise pixels
  • High-dynamic range
  • High-speed
  • Large scale (up to wafer-scale)
We use state-of-art design tool and manufacture our sensors at leading CIS foundries so that we can turn your initial requirements into an outstanding product in a time-efficient manner.
Whenever you have a need for a new, market-leading image sensor, come and talk to us.
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